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    We Move Safes

    We are the largest residential safe moving and installation operation in New England!
    With over 100 years of combined personal experience, our extensive knowledge and safety record has been the foundation to our success. Safe moving is our specialty!

    Safe moving requires specialized vehicles, equipment and personnel. Our trucks are 24,000 pound GVW rated with specialized lift gates and reinforced trailer beds. Our equipment includes 1,500 pound capacity electrical stair climbing machines, 5,000 pound capacity safe jacks, ramps, rollers, marble and tile safe transporters, carpet protectors and much more. Experience and knowledge are required for safe and proper use of such equipment.

    Our normal delivery zone is within a 50-mile radius from the retail location where the safe was purchased. Normal installation labor includes removal of the safe from the pallet and placement of the safe within a residence or business with typical or common first floor access involving 0 to 4 steps. A level pathway constructed of concrete or pavement is required to safely move the safe into position. Once inside, we can transport the safe over carpet, tile, and hardwood floors without damage. Please consider a second location in advance should the safe not safely or properly fit within your desired location.

    Not every safe delivery or installation is normal. Some are more difficult and require even more expertise. A few examples are second story placement, spiral stairwells, basements, marble flooring, transporting over grass, dirt or gravel, severe sloping driveways or pathways, and minimal or tight clearances. These situations are not considered normal and require additional personalized service and price quotation.

    We have the advantage of both an expert staff along with specialized moving equipment to help drive cost down, yet maintain an impeccable safety record. Since safe moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task, most customers are pleased not to have attempted such a chore for such a reasonable fee.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you. It will be a safe experience!